What we are listening to: Jason Hirschhorn, Media ReDEF


This is the latest edition of our new “What we are listening to” series. Last month, Om Malik checked in with Sincerely CEO Matt Brezina and Bijan Sabet of Spark Capital. My first query went to Jason Hirschhorn, the founder of news curator Media ReDef who meshes his passions for music, tech and gadgets across social media.

Jason got his start as a teen event entrepreneur, sold a network of music sites to Viacom at 28 and became chief digital officer of MTV Networks. (At MTV, he worked closely with Microsoft to create music service Urge.) He’s been co-president of MySpace, president of Sling Media and is on the boards of MGM and GetGlue. He’s also an angel investor; current investments include Svpply, Buzznet (through an investment in music blog Stereogum) and Howcast. I checked in with Jason by e-mail for his current take on music.

Staci: What kind of music do you listen to when you work?

Jason: Depends on my mood. I have no preference. I love Hip Hop, Rock, EDM, Classical, Folk, Jazz. You name it.

How do you listen to the music? (Tell us about the gear you use)

I went from having 16,000 CDs in major steel cabinets that took up much of my living situation at the time to today where I have devices, and virtual services. I use Sonos, iPhone and iPad. Bose noise-cancelling headphones when on a flight. Beats or iPhone in-ear headphones when on the move. I’m addicted to my new Big Jambox bluetooth speakers.

What are your favorite music apps/services?

Spotify, iTunes, SomaFM, KCRW and random tracks on Soundcloud or Ex.fm. Also loving Spotify apps like We Are Hunted and Pitchfork.

What are your favorite music blogs?

Stereogum, Pitchfork, NPR, MTV blogs and a lot of others on a random basis.

What are you listening to right now?

I listen to everything. The Black Keys, Jay-Z, Foo Fighters, Biggie, Arcade Fire, Florence + The Machine, John Mayer, Wiz Khalifa, Girl Talk and too many more to mention. What I love about digital access is that all music, even old music, is new again at some point. Been playing a lot of new wave and new romantic stuff. Brings me back.

Right now?

Strange Overtones by David Byrne
Alone in Kyoto by AIR
Sweeter by Gavin DeGraw

Among Jason’s recent music tweets:

Update: Here’s a new Spotify playlist Jason wants to share. Must have Spotify to listen.

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