Video: Betaworks’ Borthwick says it’s time to stop thinking about “content”

Om Malik interviews John Borthwick, founder and CEO, Betaworks.

Betaworks CEO John Borthwick’s advicefor the media industry: think about producing “information” — not “content.”

Why? “Content is very much about the package, very much about the container”, Borthwick said during a Q&A with GigaOM founder Om Malik at our recent paidContent 2012 conference.

The moment you start thinking about it as information, I think people start thinking about it differently, they think less about the container and the structure and a little bit more about the users.

That’s especially important as the concept of “container” changes with the increase in realtime data and sharing across platforms.

The pair also talked about how to use that data (Betaworks has started both Bitly and Chartbeat); how Facebook isn’t making the best use of its data for advertising and the need to break the CPM ad model; why Apple’s app store and Google Play don’t work; and a lot more packed into the embedded video below: