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Android this week: Razr beats iPhone; Acer outs HD tablet; Intel phone shows promise

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This is the first week I can remember where a single Android(s goog) phone is reportedly outselling Apple’s iPhone(s aapl) at one carrier. According to a research note from William Blair, that’s exactly what’s happening at Verizon(s vz)(s vod) stores. A check of inventory and sales indicated Motorola’s Droid Razr is topping the iPhone 4S, which is good news for Motorola and its new owner, Google.

It’s possible that Verizon’s LTE network is part of this surge for the Android-powered Razr: Without an LTE iPhone on any carrier, the Razr — and other Android phones — can deliver mobile broadband speeds topping 20 Mbps or more; as fast as wired broadband at home. The iPhone 4S holds its own against LTE on HSPA+ networks, but falls far shorter on Verizon and Sprint, where speeds generally average 1.5 Mbps with occasional 3 Mbps bursts. Razr sales could see their own burst as CNet noted this week that Android 4.0 was coming soon to the smartphone.

Android 4.0 is already included with Acer’s new slate: The company this week introduced its A700 tablet with the latest Google software. Pre-sales have begin in the U.S. and Canada at $449 for this 10.1-inch tablet boasting a 1900 x 1200 display with 178-degree viewing angles. I haven’t had the opportunity to try the A700 yet, but it looks good on paper.

Nvidia’s(s nvda) quad-core Tegra 3 powers the A700 which also has one gigabyte of memory and 32 GB of storage, which can be expanded with the microSD card slot. The slate is Wi-Fi only — no 3G/4G radio — but includes Bluetooth, an e-compass and GPS. Acer added Dolby Mobile 3 and 5.1-channel surround sound support and a battery life claim of 8 hours for web surfing or 10.5 hours of video watching; not bad if accurate.

This week I enjoyed reading a review of the Orange San Diego handset. Why? This device, available in Europe, is based on Intel’s(s intc) smartphone reference design for Android. We’ve waited a long time for Intel to truly get in the smartphone game and the San Diego shows promise for Intel’s Medfield solution.

The Verge wrote the detailed review finding that Intel may not have surpassed ARM-based chips, but in many ways, has at least caught up. I’m not too surprised because the Medfield chip demos on Android devices I saw in January impressed me enough to say that Intel’s time may have arrived.

The San Diego shines in most performance scenarios and has good stand-by time, but software is the current downfall here; particularly in the camera application. Still, the San Diego is still worth a look as it provides a glimpse into future Android smartphones carrying the “Intel Inside” sticker.

9 Responses to “Android this week: Razr beats iPhone; Acer outs HD tablet; Intel phone shows promise”

  1. I have a Droid Razr with Ice Cream Sandwich! The phone is best one I had so far. I think Apple iphone is just plain and borning to me. They need to spice it up and maybe change their design…we shall see when iphone 5 comes out.

  2. First of iPhone 4 s runs 800 mhz dual core you are confusing it DROID RAZR 1.2 ghz dual core speed. 2 DROID RAZR have 16gb internal storage with 64 gb or 32 gb of sd card that u can put extra.

  3. Scotty DONT

    @ Scott, That is the most inaccurate statement I have read in a long while(congratulations). Now Razr to iPhone, lets compare.

    iPhone: Good form factor,
    dual core 1.2Ghz processor
    512 MBs of RAM
    Retina display
    16 Gigs of internal storage space
    $200.00 USD

    Dual core processor
    High pixel densitiy screen,(256 ppi)
    Big screen (4.30 inches)
    High-resolution display (540 x 960 pixels)
    Very fast processor (1200 MHz)
    decent ammount of RAM (1024 MB RAM)
    High-resolution camera (8 megapixels)
    HDMI connector for TV-out (Micro HDMI (Type D))

    So where is the Motorola Razr lacking in quality exactly?

    I’m quite sure you’re just some Apple fan child that would jump at the opportunity to give Mr Jobs (RIP) some fellatio for a sneak peak at the disappointing launch of another Apple stamped, over priced, piece of teenager garbage. The iPhone costs from start to finish an (accurately) estimated $186 USD to produce and ship. ANY other Cell Phone company is looking at $230-$270 to produce a similar product based on the prices of equipment and parts used.

    Good Day, sir.

  4. @scott You haven’t a clue of what you’re talking about. I can’t see how a smaller screen with a phone that you have to wrap in neoprene so it doesn’t break should you drop it that only does 3G speeds equals higher quality. I’ve used both iPhone and the RAZR and they are both fine devices. Neither one is my device of choice, but even though I have an iPad, which is an almost perfect experience, the iPhone isn’t as good an experience as the larger screened, faster RAZR.

    You know, its OK to admit that the iPhone has fallen behind with its lack of LTE support and lack of form factor upgrade. Apple will be top dawg again when they release the iPhone 5 or the new iPhone or whatever they’re going to name it. Well, maybe they’ll be top dawg again.

  5. Robert

    This is more a testament to how slow Verizon 3G is. Anybody who asks a current iPhone owner for advice on buying an iPhone is told to steer clear of Verizon unless you absolutely have to due to lack of coverage. AT&T is just so much faster. Not too mention Verizon has the multi-tasking restrictions.

  6. The Motorola’s Droid Razr cost $99 at Verizon. That might explain the higher numbers. People will sometimes compromise quality with a lower price, such as the case here.

    • Scott, your comment is laughable. iOS doesn’t even have full email attachment support even with the newest version. The iphone compared with most Android phones is nothing but a toy. You know what other products stuck around for 10 years without advancing much? The PT cruiser, for one. Now, people laugh at it. The mindlessness of fans is on display for letting Apple trick them into buying a new phone just to get siri. Clearly, siri would just have been a software upgrade. I mean, REALLY.