Today in Cleantech


Next week’s big EV news will be the delivery of Tesla’s long awaited Model S. And as Chris Ciaccia at points out, Tesla’s retail model is revolutionary in that the company isn’t using dealerships to sell its cars. Former Apple exec George Blankenship helped build Apple’s retail experience, and he’s now building Tesla’s storefronts, which will target places like malls that can attract lots of people who will get to know the high tech, computer inspired automobile as they customize their vehicle. Tesla has 22 stores and Blankenship is hopeful that the lower priced Tesla Model S, as compared to the pricy Roadster, will help bring EV ownership to more people, just as the iPod Mini made the iPod easier to own. I’m not expecting Tesla to become the Apple of automakers anytime soon, but if we learned anything from smart thermostat Nest, which was designed by former Apple architect Tony Fadell, it’s that cleantech really benefits from better marketing.

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