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Yahoo email users spend more on energy than Gmail users

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Here’s a weird bit of energy data courtesy of energy software startup Opower: people that use Yahoo email spend $110 more a year on electricity — or 11 percent more — than Gmail users. The reason? Opower says Yahoo Mail users are both likely to live in bigger residences and also tend to use more energy per square foot.

Gmail users on the other hand more often live in cities where dwellings are smaller. In addition Gmail users are also more willing to do energy audits than Yahoo email users, says Opower.

If you look at some of the demographics data taken over the years comparing Yahoo mail and Gmail users, this coincides with some interesting trends. Like according to this data from Hunch from last year, Gmail users skew younger, less often have kids, tend to be more educated and more often times consider themselves early tech adopters compared to Yahoo mail users. All those things you could speculate would coincide with less electricity used and a greater change of doing an energy analysis.

Opower used 2.8 million households to crunch that data and chose Yahoo and Gmail users because they made up the highest volume of users. Opower develops software and analytics to enable utilities to connect with their customers and get them to reduce their energy consumption by around two percent.

Opower has been growing rapidly this year, has been hiring at both its offices in Arlington and San Francisco, and introduced new products including its social app with Facebook and a connected thermostat with Honeywell.

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