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Where to watch the 2012 U.S. Open live online

Will this be Tiger Woods’ comeback? Woods hasn’t won the U.S. Open since 2008, and his recent performances have been all over the map, so golf fans are eager to tune in for the U.S. Open in San Francisco this week. Unfortunately, most of it is happening while many of us are at the office, but no worries: You can still tune in online, thanks to an official live stream.

The United States Golf Association is streaming the competition live starting Thursday at 7:33am PT. Friday, streaming will start at 7:44am PT. There will also be live streaming on Saturday and Sunday, but the exact times haven’t been made available yet. A complete schedule of the live stream can be accessed on the official U.S. Open website, and the live stream is available here.

The video streams are powered by IBM, which promises “near-HD quality,” whatever that means. The U.S. Open site also comes with a play tracker that gives fans overview of the course, live scores and additional statistics.

Want to watch the U.S. Open on the go? Then download the free app either from Google (s GOOG) Play for Android phones, or from iTunes if you have an iPhone

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