Google Play preloads on Kobo Vox; Books on Google Play launches in Germany

The Kobo Vox tablet now come preloaded with the Google (s GOOG) Play app. Current Kobo Vox owners will see the app the next time their device updates.

“Supporting Google Play is one more way we’re delivering a uniquely open and collaborative reading environment to our customers,” Kobo CTO Dan Leibu said in the release.

Unlike Barnes & Noble and Amazon, Kobo doesn’t have its own app store. Preloading the Google Play app is a relatively inexpensive way for Kobo to try to provide an app ecosystem without trying to build its own. Kobo also supports the Android App Store.

Kobo released the Vox last October for $199.99. It’s now $179.99 on Kobo’s site.

Books on Google Play launches in Germany

Another Google Play announcement today: Books on Google Play — formerly known as the Google eBookstore — is now available in Germany. Music and movies on Google Play are still not available there. Google also sells e-books in the UK, Canada, Australia and Italy and plans to do so in France.