Roku CEO: Blu-ray will be finished in 4 years

The sale of Blu-ray players is going to peak this year or next, Roku CEO Anthony Wood predicted at the TV of Tomorrow show in San Francisco Wednesday.

“Will people use Blu-ray players in four years? I don’t think so,” he said, adding that the streaming performance on Blu-ray players doesn’t compare to the experience on a dedicated set-top-box like the ones his company sells. (Wood, however, didn’t rule out that there will be a Blu-ray player built into Roku’s platform at some point.)

Wood used his keynote to share his view of the future of the connected TV space, which has unsurprisingly put a big emphasis on streaming players. Wood admitted that today, most streaming happens on game consoles, but said that he doesn’t see much growth in that area. “New customers don’t go out and buy game consoles to stream video,” he said.

Instead, Wood sees momentum shifting to streaming players like the current-generation Roku boxes, as well as Smart TVs. “Our goal is to be the dominant platform in those two segments,” he said. Roku’s streaming stick, which is scheduled to go on sale later this year, would be a first step for the company into the Smart TV space, he said.

Wood also shared some new numbers about his company’s performance: He said that Roku made $100 million in sales last year, and that the number of devices sold tripled year-over-year. However, he didn’t mention that the company missed its projected sales goal by 500,000 units.