Did you miss the cheapest new Apple product this week?


Amid the “oohs” and “aahs” for new Mac hardware and upcoming iOS 6 features that Apple(s aapl) announced this week, perhaps the least expensive new item out of Cupertino was missed. It’s no less important, however, for iPad owners. While the product didn’t warrant any stage time at Apple’s WWDC event on Monday, the new iPad Smart Case at $50 is a nice step up from the old Smart Cover.

There’s only one difference between the old Smart Cover and new Smart Case, aside from the name, of course. The case is exactly that: A case. Unlike the old cover, which simply covers the display, the Smart Case adds protection for the back of the iPad. That’s important because I find it relatively easy to scratch up the iPad’s back as I’m constantly putting it down on its backside.

The new SmartCase is made from polyurethane in six colors — Light Gray, Dark Gray, Blue, Green, Pink and (PRODUCT) Red — and has cut-outs for the rear camera, headphone jack, mute button and external microphone port. The case covers the volume rocker and power button much like Apple’s iPhone bumper case does the same for iPhones. At no extra charge, Apple will custom engrave the back of the Smart Case, which works on both the iPad 2 and the new iPad.

Although I tend to keep my new iPad in a bedside clock / dock, the new Smart Case might be on my shopping list. After all, the iPad’s not just for use in bed, even though that’s where I tend to enjoy occasional web browsing, gaming and video consumption on Apple’s tablet.



Actually, the cheapest new product is the $9.99 adapter I had to buy to get my old MagSafe power adapter to work with my new MacBook Pro.


Miss it? I already bought it! :-)
And it’s pretty nice. Biggest disappointment is that the back is a super-thin layer of flexible material (whatever it’s called–don’t know; don’t care) that would probably do nothing to prevent the screen from getting cracked or the case from being dented if the iPad was dropped. Very thin and light, but worrying nonetheless.

Lindsworth Horatio Deer

You use you Apple iPad in Bed? TMI………

on the same theme, i hadn’t noticed this new lower-cost product. Smartcover becomes Smartcase that protects the Apple iPads naked (ass)ets from being scratched due to rough handling……


Not Accurate

Journalism… Argh. The case is NOT the same other than full protection. You CANNOT remove the cover like you can the Smart Cover.

Peter Deep

Splitting hairs… The Smartcase is removable, the Smartcover is removable.

Steve K

I have a Kensington cover that is exactly the same but half the price. When I bought my iPad the choice was an Apple cover in some ridiculous color or the Kensington. A neutral color Apple cover was $50+. At this point I’m glad I have the full cover as it really protects the pad. Oh, and none of the buttons are covered over.


It’s not really complimenting the design of the iPad, what an ugly thing,.. No thank you, I want to use a naked iPad, and when I put it in my bag I’ll use a proper sleeve.


The case is rather nice, albeit it adds bulk. It may be particularly helpful with the heat generated by the new iPad!

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