The C-level is coming around on big data [infographic]


According to a new survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit (commissioned by IT consulting giant Capgemini), corporate executives are starting to figure out that big data matters and how to leverage it, even if they haven’t fully come around on the concept.

The surveyors questioned more than 600 C-level and other senior executives across the globe, finding that while they understand certain realities — such as the importance of valuable analysis versus sheer volume of data, and the increasing role of data to inform intuition — most respondents (55 percent) still don’t think their management teams view big data strategically enough.

They must draw a fairly broad distinction between traditional analytics and big data analytics, though. Many respondents noted the difficulty of dealing with unstructured data, and two-thirds still described their firms a being data-driven.

The full report is available at the link above, but the infographic below highlights the findings.

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