Today in Connected Consumer

Today is like Christmas in June for Apple fanboys. The Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off at 10am Pacific Time today, but the stockings were already being hung by the Moscone Center in San Francisco with care last night. By dawn the line outside the nearest Starbucks seemed to stretch to the horizon. Meanwhile, the Apple online store has gone down , presumably ahead of being updated with all the new goodies being announced later today. Thanks to some enterprising photographers, we already know the announcements will include the release of iOS 6 as and updates on OS X and iCloud. Long range spy photos taken Friday appear to capture banners touting AirPlay and depicting a MacBook Air mirroring its content on a large screen HDTV. That raises the question of whether the focus on AirPlay as a way to get content to the TV precludes an announcement regarding a fully integrated Apple iTV, as many analysts and fanboys have been expecting. We’ll know soon enough, but if I had to bet  I’d say we’ll hear a lot more about TV apps and AirPlay mirroring than about an all-in-one TV set.