7 stories to read this weekend


The summer is here and, if you are like me, you want to spend all of your weekend outside enjoying the sunshine. I, for one, will take a break and read a book or two. That said, here are seven stories that might be good reading for you.

  • The app of invulnerability: Donald Evans rails against pedestrians who walk while looking into their cellphones. Guilty as charged.
  • I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday: Toomas Hendrik writes about the growing European crisis and the future of the European Union. One of the best pieces I have read on the subject so far.
  • How things went bad at GOOD magazine: Poynter’s Andrew Beaujon outlines how things went wrong for one of the most iconic brands and one of my favorite web destinations. It is a tale of conflicting ambitions
  • Ray Bradbury, the Art of Fiction No. 203: This past week the legendary fiction writer passed away. For all of us who loved his writing, this Paris Review interview is a must read. Also, read his story, Take Me Home, that was published recently in the Science Fiction issue.
  • What is food?: In response to the controversy around New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s decision to ban large sugary drinks, New York Times columnist Mark Bittman writes about the politics of food and the role of the government.
  • Ping: What went wrong? Apple failed at its first major attempt to build a social network around iTunes. It is a rare failure for the company, but it is a big one. A great look at what went wrong by Christopher Breen of Macworld.
  • Why Indian Americans are best at the Bees. Spelling bees, that is. I used to travel to distant places to attend these bees and write two-paragraph blurbs for a community paper so it isn’t a surprise that I dislike “bees.”

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