Solar software hackathon to kick off this weekend


There’s been a series of Cleanweb Hackathons in recent months, where developers spend a weekend building web and mobile apps out of energy, water and sustainability data. But here’s a new one with a twist kicking off this weekend: a solar-focused Cleanweb Hackathon, coordinated by solar web startup Sungevity.

The event will take place at Sungevity’s headquarters in Jack London Square in Oakland, and will start at 5:30 PT, and run until Sunday evening. The hackers will spend 48 hours, supplied with pizza and Redbull, to build solar apps, and the best solar apps will win prizes at the end of the weekend. More info can be found here.

The “Cleanweb” is the trend of using information technology — software, the web, social media, mobile — to address resource constraints around energy, food and water. Sungevity founder and President, Danny Kennedy, tells me in an interview that they’re using the Cleanweb Hackathon thesis to build a community around trying to get more solar panels connected to grid infrastructure.

Kennedy is expecting between 50 and 100 participants and the Mayor of Oakland is expected to speak.

Sungevity uses the Internet and software to develop sales, marketing and financing for rooftop solar panel systems. The company was founded in 2007 and counts investors like Brightpath Capital Partners, Firelake Capital Management and Greener Capital.

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