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Where the jobs are: How innovation sparks growth

Is your city an innovation cluster, or does it lag behind? If you are lagging, can you catch up? UC Berkeley economics professor, Enrico Moretti‘s new book, The New Geography of Jobs examines how innovation companies are causing massive shifts in where jobs, people and wealth are distributed across the country.

Moretti sat down with us to share his research.

Part 1: Innovation hubs and their halo effects

Part 2: The unlikely success of Silicon Valley

Part 3: How to become an innovation hub

4 Responses to “Where the jobs are: How innovation sparks growth”

  1. I’m glad he brought up face-to-face interaction as one of the points in the 2nd video. Businesses and services are built for people. Not machines. There’s only so much human interaction that you can substitute through technology.

    • Chris Albrecht

      Hi Glenn,

      That’s a pretty healthy debate. I’ve interviewed CEOs who don’t want a central office because they believe being remote puts more intention behind the communication.

      I fall more on your side, though. I love grabbing coffee with people.