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Virgin Mobile pairs pre-paid iPhone with $30 plan

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Confirming earlier reports that Virgin Mobile would be the next pre-paid seller of iPhones in the U.S., Sprint(s s) announced Thursday it would begin doing so on June 29. The iPhone 4 and 4S arrive that day with a unique twist: A low monthly rate starting at $30.

Virgin Mobile, which is owned by Sprint and uses that carrier’s CDMA network in the U.S., will sell the iPhone 4 with 8 GB for $549 and the iPhone 4S with 16 GB for $649, both without a contract. The operator’s $30 monthly plan for the iPhones includes 300 voice minutes combined with unlimited messages and data, although Virgin Mobile’s “fair use policy” is 2.5 GB a month.

Customers can increase their voice minute allowance to 1,200 minutes with a $40 monthly plan or go with unlimited minutes for $50 per month. All plan prices include a $5 discount for customers that register for automatic payments. Virgin Mobile is charging $15 per month to use the iPhone as a mobile hotspot, which provides customers 3.5 total GB of full speed data.

7 Responses to “Virgin Mobile pairs pre-paid iPhone with $30 plan”

  1. okiejack

    Pretty funny. Neither Sprint nor Virgin Mobile will accept an Apple Unlocked iPhone 4s from an ATT GoPhone account on GSM. Both claimed that it is “impossible” … which is BS! They say that I would need to buy another iPhone 4s from Sprint. How can they expect that someone would purchase a high dollar phone just for a low dollar service.

  2. Shyam Prasad

    It’s a good deal. Instead of buying iPhone for minimum price for $549, I would rather buy Google Nexus for $399 (including tax will be $434). After that I can activate that phone in Straight Talk with HSPA network. My cents will be in Google nexus instead of iPhone.