Does your robot need a hand? 3-D printer to the rescue!

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Robots and 3-D printers aren’t new products, but they have yet to be embraced by mainstream consumers. Still, I keep an eye towards the future on both of these, and when I find one effort that combines the two, it’s a “nerdgasm” to the extreme. Take a peek at this video, found by TheRobotShop, showing off a robotic arm and hand that was created from a 3-D printer.

There’s still some work to be done here by the creator, who goes by the name of “hairygael’ on his InMoov blog, but it’s impressive, nonetheless. The printed plastic arm is filled with servo motors at every joint and the action takes place via an Arduino platform and keyboard.

Geeks with access to a 3-D printer can replicate the robotic hand as the printer design file is freely available here, along with instructions to print the hand. Aside from the geek factor of a working robot hand, this project emphasizes that not only will we one day be able to print our own 3-D objects, but we can replicate those from others. There’s no need to design everything in the future; just print it!

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