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Get ready to test drive Tesla’s electric Model S

Customer rides of the Model S Beta

Tesla will officially start delivering its second electric car the Model S to customers in just a few weeks on June 22. But perhaps the more exciting aspect is that Tesla revealed in a blog post on Tuesday that the Model S is finally street legal and ready for customer test drives starting on June 23, the day after the first customer deliveries.

We rode in a Model S earlier this year, but we haven’t been able to drive one yet. Not many people have.

Tesla’s VP of Ownership Experience George Blankenship, previously of Apple (s AAPL), says that Tesla is looking to offer 5,000 test drives of the Model S to customers in 45 days, including 2,000 test drives over the first two weekends. Reservation holders get preference.

Blankenship writes:

I’ve been waiting two years to say these words: “It’s time to test drive Model S!” Aside from seeing Model S, sitting in it, and experiencing the 17” touchscreen, I believe the moment most people have been waiting for is the chance to get behind the wheel. That time is here!!!

Check out our previous videos of the Model S:

And when it was in the Alpha stage:

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  1. Arthur

    Lov the car also been workn on that line at paslin and enjoyed it it seems to be a great car fast and spiffie to keep up the great work and lookn fowared to a new line