Facebook has limited social interactions


The downside of all our interactions online is that they are constrained by the social graph. Facebook shrunk the world and constrained our interactions to the 500 people that you are connected to.

 Sean Parker, ex-Facebook in a conversation with The New York Times



That’s also part of the upside and one of the reasons FB became so popular. Mahalo used the tag line of “human powered search” but was really a spam site. Facebook is the closest we have to human powered search. As more spammers move to facebook and facebook grows in general even searching within your social graph will suck. Then onto the next big thing until that gets ruined to.


Sounds like “I’m quite lazy to search anything beyond my FB account”…

The answer to this is “Keep looking. Don’t settle. With all matter of your heart you will know, when you find it.” (c) Steve Jobs, 2005.

There are no limits in the world, except those in our own brains.

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