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Ikea TV will let you buy stuff with its remote control

Imagine this: You’re sitting on your Ikea couch, watching a show on your Ikea TV, and a commercial break comes up, advertising Ikea’s newest outdoor products. You grab your remote control, press a few buttons – and voila – you’re the owner of a new Ikea lawn chair, to be delivered straight to your door.

This kind of tele-commerce could be coming to owners of Ikea’s new Uppleva TV set soon: The TV, which will be available in select European Ikea stores next month, will offer a built-in shopping and payment solution, GigaOM has learned.

The technology, which has been developed by a German company called Connept, will prompt users to press the red button on their Ikea TV’s remote control during select ad spots. The TV will then launch a browser window, prompting registered users to enter a password and confirm their order. Check out this German-language video for a demo of the Connept payment solution:

The exact details of the implementation of Connept on Ikea’s TVs is still unclear. Connept didn’t reply to a request for comment, and the middleware provider that has implemented the technology on the TV sets declined my request for an interview for this story. Ikea itself didn’t respond in time to comment.

However, one could certainly imagine that Ikea could use this kind of technology to build a lasting relationship between its brand and owners of the Uppleva TV set. This could make Uppleva not just Ikea’s entry into the CE market, but also its first foray into a TV-based shopping experience.

Ikea TVs are slated to go on sale in select stores in Europe this month, and then become more widely available throughout the continent later this fall. The company hasn’t released too many technical details about the devices yet, but instead heavily emphasized the design of Uppleva.

6 Responses to “Ikea TV will let you buy stuff with its remote control”

  1. Koray Gülcü

    This is nothing but HbbTV (Hybrid Broadband Broadcast TV). There are many example apps in German market. It is spreading over Italy, France, Spain and Nordic countries as well. It is basically based on CE-HTML and OIPF standards.

  2. KillBill

    Yawn. What, a remote for each vendor you buy from? Dumb. Ikea could wake up and enable in-store information, tagging, buying lists etc instead of bits of paper and pencils. Oh, and allow easier returns instead of the stupid pull a number and wait while the staff person types “War and Peace” into a computer for a plastic cup return.

    Where’s the iPad app for Kitchen design? Ikea is technologically backward.

      • The tech behind this sounds suspiciously like hbbtv – this is European technology marrying broadband with broadcast and is based on HTML. The (DVB) broadcasts carry links to internet content and an embedded browser is used to open up the web pages. EU models of TVs have this feature for a few years now and such ad models are increasingly being used by various advertisers. It is far from unique (for those familiar with EU TV landscape), but nevertheless is interesting.