30M Asus computers to run Android apps thanks to Bluestacks


Bluestacks, the maker of PC software that can run Android(s goog) apps, scored a big partnership with Asus. On Monday, at the annual Computex show in Taipei, the company will announce that 30 million Asus computers will include the Bluestacks app player software, bringing Android mobile apps to Windows PCs(s msft).

The convergence of mobile and traditional computing is a good concept — it’s happening already but in the opposite direction: Some PC activities are migrating to mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. But I’m not 100 percent sold on mobile apps running on computers, with one exception: Desktops or laptops with touch screens.

The reason is simple. Android apps are specifically made with touch interfaces in mind. A video demo I saw of Android apps running on Microsoft Windows showed that using a mouse to navigate through screens or app data isn’t optimal.

Still, the concept is intriguing. Asus must agree because of the commitment it’s making to pre-install Bluestacks on so many computers across its product line: Zenbooks, Eee PCs, and more. Bluestacks says that it has worked with developers to bring the top Android apps to its app player, some of which include titles like Fruit Ninja, Evernote, Pulse, and Nook (s bks).



can i just any android APK or do apps need to be submitted to bluestacks?

what about installing google play store?

Kevin C. Tofel

As far as I know, developers have to work with Bluestacks directly to get their apps in the player, so I don’t expect installable .apks or Google Play access.


I am running Bluestacks on Windows 7. Bluestacks includes a utility to install any APK and it is also possible to install h apps manually.In addition, simply double-clicking an APK file through explorer will launch Bluestacks.

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