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7 stories to read this week

It has been a slow week mostly because I have been nursing a flu that has knocked me out completely. Nevertheless, it gave me an opportunity to do some reading and think about the world at large. Here are some unusual and fun stories for you to read this weekend.

  • Hack the cover: Craig Mod, probably one of my top 10 favorite reads has penned this wonderful, wistful and whimsical piece about the demise of “the cover” in popular culture. He is wistful in his call for the cover to live on. Hey Craig, can I buy you a coffee and just listen to you? DM me. :-)
  • Deezer & Digital Music’s Squeezed Middle. If you wanted to understand the music industry reality and what all these companies like Deezer and Spotify are doing, then just read this very educational article.
  • Why Android sucks for many audio apps. An app developer dishes dirt on why Google’s mobile OS has got issues when it comes to music. Frankly, I hadn’t noticed mostly because I never use Android for longer than an hour at a stretch. Like my Mac, I like my phones from Cupertino.
  • Doc’s guide to Hisptamatic: If you like iPhoneography and use Hipstamatic, this has to be the best tips guide for the iconic app.
  • Why are blue-chip tech stocks so blue? Forget Facebook(s FB). Why are stocks like Cisco(s CSCO), Dell(s DELL) and others headed south?
  • With personal data in hand, thieves file early and often: I am glad there is the New York Times to do such stories.This is an amazing scam that hits the elder members of our society and it also exposes the shortcomings of our government’s IT infrastructure.
  • And lastly, Why evil eyebrows looks so evil. Why indeed.

2 Responses to “7 stories to read this week”

  1. Nicholas

    With respect to Android, I recognized early (early 2009) that our framework would have to wait to be useful on Android. The APis didn’t exist. Shockingly, they still don’t! The idea was to create a publishing g system for music experiences. Apple wouldn’t allow us, and Android couldn’t allow us…

  2. matthewdlyons

    Thanks for sharing. I look forward to your reading list each week. With that said, I think the article about Android audio apps is rather weak. Having a (clear and often stated) preference for Apple products and maintaining have a modicum of objectivity about Android doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. I’m neither an Android fanboy or apologist. I’m merely a fan of tech who has grown weary of “articles,” like the one you shared, that are short on substance, depth, or feign journalistic integrity.