The generational shift & alternative transportation


Today in cleantech comes straight to you from the cleantech section of GigaOM Pro (subscription required), our premium research service:

Consumer Affairs is out with new polling figures this week with regard to how Americans feel about alternatively fueled vehicles. We’re heading into the summer and with gas well above $4 in many cities and $5 gas on the horizon, 73 percent of drivers said they would consider an alternatively fueled vehicle, from a hybrid to flex-fuel, which runs on E85 ethanol.

The top consideration in buyers’ next vehicle purchase was fuel economy (37 percent) followed by a distant second being quality (17 percent), with younger buyers disproportionately interested in alternatively fueled vehicles. The automakers are also aware that car ownership has lost some of its luster, particularly among young people and Zipcar has done studies showing young people care more about social networking online than owning a car.

There’s definitely a generational shift going on as young folks care about fuel efficiency and environmental impacts, which makes them question the absolute need to own a car in the first place.

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