Intel, MIT bring more big data mojo to Massachusetts

The greater Boston area’s bid to be the go-to big data hub will get a boost Wednesday as Intel(s intc) and MIT will announce the Intel Science and Technology Center for Big Data as well as [email protected], a research group that will harness the work of MIT academics and industry researchers. Both efforts will be based at CSAIL aka MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Library.

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, along with MIT president Susan Hockfield; Intel CTO Justin Rattner, and CSAIL director Daniela Rus will speak at the kick off of these efforts later on Wednesday. Funding for [email protected] was not disclosed but The Boston Globe reported that Intel is backing its effort with $2.5 million. Xconomy has more on the event here. 

As GigaOM has reported, Massachusetts has good bloodlines when it comes to databases and big data. Companies like Endeca (purchased last year by Oracle(s orcl)), EMC (s emc), as well as startups like Akiban, NuoDB, VoltDB, Cloudant are all fielding big data efforts in or around the Boston-Cambridge metro area. Hewlett-Packard, which is based in Silicon Valley, hosts much of its big data effort here as well.

MIT, always a tech powerhouse, is well placed to jump-start more big data efforts but given the size of the big data wave, it certainly won’t have the field to itself.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user cking