From Cincinnati to Silicon Valley, DotLoop CEO explains his move


Baby, if you ever wondered, wondered if your company should make the move to Silicon Valley, then check out this video with DotLoop founder and CEO, Austin Allison.


DotLoop, a startup that wants to simplify all of the complicated paperwork associated with large transactions like buying a house, was founded in Cincinnati, Ohio and recently opened up an office in San Francisco. For startups outside of the Valley, Allison offers insight as to why he is making the move. According to him:

  • Conservative midwestern towns don’t foster the risk-taking nature of entrepreneurs
  • Cincinnati has great marketing talent, but there is more technical talent out west
  • Employees in Cincinnati don’t quite understand the mindset of working at an early stage startup environment

Allison isn’t entirely down on his (former) hometown. Cincinnati does have much cheaper real estate (less than $10 per square foot), and because DotLoop is a hot company in Cincinnati, there is a loyalty there that can’t be matched in the Valley, where hot, new companies sprout up every day. But we’d love to hear from other entrepreneurs in the midwest. What do you think of Allison’s assessment and reasons for his move? Leave a comment and let us know.

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