Flipboard opens an Android beta program

Earlier this month, Flipboard launched its first version for Android(s goog) exclusively on the Samsung Galaxy S III. The news reading software has long been an iOS(s aapl) staple for both iPads and iPhones due to its intuitive page flipping interface and connectivity to social networks and photo sharing sites. As a result, Android users have waited for the experience. Although the app is pre-installed on Samsung’s new phone, the Flipboard team now has an open beta program to support other devices.

To get in on the action, you can hit the sign up page and enter your email address. You don’t need to enter additional information, such as what Android phone you use; just an email address. Once registered, you’ll receive an email to confirm your address and that’s it. Depending on the level of interest, you could get a link to the beta version of Flipboard within 24 hours according to the email I received.

Of course, you could always cheat a little and do what I did to get Flipboard, but that’s not going to help the Flipboard team as it works to support various devices, screen sizes and such. In fact, I’m feeling a bit guilty now, so I may uninstall Flipboard from my Galaxy Nexus and wait for the beta link. Oh, who am I kidding: I waited so long for Android support and the app works so well on Android 4.0 that I can’t bring myself to do it!