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Is this the next “50 Shades of Grey”?

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This weekly feature tells the backstory of how one e-book became a bestseller, and highlights bestselling titles that are selling more copies in digital than in print.

This week’s featured title: “Bared to You” by Sylvia Day. It’s #20 on the New York Times e-book bestsellers list this week and

What it’s about: The first in a trilogy, this erotic novel tells the story of a recent college grad, Eva, who meets billionaire businessman Gideon.

How it became a bestseller: Day self-published “Bared to You” on April 3, 2012. The book immediately invited comparisons to “50 Shades of Grey,” the originally self-published erotic trilogy that Random House’s Vintage acquired for seven figures in March and that has now sold over 10 million copies. Jane Litte, who runs the romance blog “Dear Author,” writes that “if I were to recommend any book today to readers who enjoyed 50 Shades and was looking for another book like it, this would be the first one I would offer. However, Bared to You is far better written with much hotter sex scenes.”

Like “Fifty Shades of Grey,” “Bared to You” has now found a traditional publisher: Penguin’s Berkley imprint snapped it up this month and has already released the e-book with a new, “50 Shades of Grey”-esque cover. (That’s Day’s original cover on the left and Penguin’s cover on the right.) Penguin will release a paperback edition on June 6. (Day writes a bit more about the Penguin acquisition here, and notes that Penguin’s ability to get the paperback into bricks-and-mortar bookstores was one of the main reasons she signed up with them.)

“Bared to You” is $5.99 on … Amazon (s AMZN) | Barnes & Noble (s BKS) | Kobo

New York Times bestseller list, week of 6/3/12

Here are the titles in the top-35 that appear on the e-book bestseller list, but not on the print bestseller list (click the link to expand the chart).

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USA Today bestseller list, week of 5/24/12

USA Today includes all formats and genres in one list and notes which format of a book sold best. Here are the titles in the top-35 where e-books outsold print (click the link to expand the chart).

[googleapps domain=”docs” dir=”spreadsheet/pub” query=”key=0AjoxnXevMs1OdFd6QkZ4b2xYZ3NHbzdMZDdZZHdXQ3c&single=true&gid=1&output=html&widget=true” width=”500″ height=”300″ /]

19 Responses to “Is this the next “50 Shades of Grey”?”

  1. Courtney G

    After reading 50 shades I wanted MORE… friend recommended Bared to you. At first, I just laughed at it because of the similarities but after chapter 6 I couldn’t put it down….I love Christian and Ana more but there is just something about Gideon and Eva. I can’t wait till October for the next series!!!

  2. I love 50shades it has me possessed I’m hooked I’m reading it again.i loved bared to you too but I’m not as Hooked on it has 50 shades.50 shades gets a little boring with her goddess subcontious all time.
    Does anyone recommend any other books that’s similar not too kinky more love story?????

  3. William-Stephen Taylor

    I’ve read none of these books, but I have heard of the deplorable standard of grammar, the use of first person present tense and the silly prose. I have too many quality “books to be read” to waste my time on stories like this trilogy. As for best seller, did you know there are 600 milion English speaking people in the world and another 10million who use it as a foriegn language? This “fifty book trilogy” was bought by some of the twilight fans and other teenie readers, the sort with reading problems.
    Best seller!
    Only when it hits the 20million mark.

  4. Wonder if all you people who call Bared to You a rip off of 50 Shades had read it first then read 50 if you’d then be saying the reverse!!!!! Everyone seems to forget that 50 is actually a rip of the Twilight love story, and that Christian and Ana were originally called Edward and Bella!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I, too did not care for this book. The storyline is a bootlegged version of Fifty Shades! The writing seemed so contrived, as if the author was trying to force us into liking the storyline. In Fifty Shades, the emotions were raw and the love between the characters resonated throughut the book. Sylvia Day’s characters just doesn’t give off the same vibe.

  6. Kayleigh Pearson

    i read 50 shades of grey and was looking for somthing similar i came across bared to you so thought i would give it a go …. was very dissapointed with it i read the book in 1 day and thought it was a rubbish and silly copy of 50 shades ….when i read 50 shades i couldnt put it down and went mad for the 2nd book with bared to you i could take it or leave it to be honest when the 2nd comes out i may read just to see where it goes but it will not be a priority like 50 shades … hats off to e l james brilliant book and hoping for more …. bared to you dont bother find somthing else!

  7. sabrena

    Sorry for the typos! Typing too quickly & clearly without a full cup of coffee! :~) Should read: *Fifty LEAVES quite a bit to be desired*, and *DISAPPOINTED because I’ve SEEN…* Thx!

  8. Sabrena

    Bared to You is so NOT the next Fifty! Though the writing in fifty leaved quite a bit to be desired..the story itself was AWESOME! I can’t really say that for “Bared”. The story seemed rushed and the connection between the characters seemed forced. I just wasn’t feeling it like the connection between Fifty’s Christian & Ana. Dissappointed because I’ve seem so many favorable reviews touting this book as better than Fifty. I’ll buy the 2nd “Bared” book and hopefully that’ll change my mind….

  9. I read “bared to you” and I also read “fifty ” I loved them both , but I have to say ” Gideon ” and the writing by Sylvia Day is much better… Can’t wait to the next book ;)
    Check out my blog :
    I have lots of great reads for those who fell in love with Christian :)

      • William-Stephen Taylor

        Try “Fifty Shades of Blue” (NYPD police uniforms) by T. J.Edison on Amazon. It’s a fast-paced crime thriller with heavy, heavy, but midly decriptive erotic and some bad language, also descriptive accounts of violence. Not for the squeamish. There’s also a mysterious part to it.

    • The writing in Bared to You certainly was not better than Fifty Shades! It was terrible and considerably cringeworthy at times. Who stoles up to a woman hes met barely twice and says ‘Eva I want to fuck you’. Its awful. I couldn’t put fifty shades down and its written a whole lot better than Silvia Day’s poor attempt at a novel.