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After 3 months, Amazon restores IPG’s Kindle titles

Three months after Amazon (s AMZN) yanked book distributor IPG’s 5,000 titles from the Kindle store in a fight over terms, the two companies have come to an agreement and Amazon has restored the titles. Publishers Lunch broke the news and notes IPG president Mark Suchomel “declined to discuss what broke the stalemate.”

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Here’s IPG’s letter to clients:

Dear Publishers,

IPG and Amazon have agreed on terms; your Kindle editions will be available again through Amazon today.

I can’t thank you enough for your input, support, patience, sacrifice, and loyalty over the last few months. I only regret that we weren’t able to make up for all of the lost revenue when your Kindle titles were not available. We will continue to work hard for every last sale so that all of our publishers stay healthy moving forward. For the period from June 1 through August 31, 2012, IPG will not take a distribution fee on Kindle sales, and 100% of the revenue for these sales will flow through to our publishers.

IPG and our publishers also received a tremendous amount of support from much of the rest of the industry, for which we will be forever grateful. I feel that the experience has clarified some things for us and our clients, and that now we are all even better equipped to navigate through this rapidly changing industry. I look forward to sharing these insights with you in the coming weeks, and to continue to work on building your business through maximizing sales and reducing risk.


Mark Suchomel

Image courtesy of Flickr / bfhoyt