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Samsung’s saucy Smart TV ad: “Look, don’t touch”

Samsung has a recent history of mocking others in its ads — some poked fun at iPhone users — but now Samsung is using humor to tout its gesture controlled line of Smart TV sets. Thanks to an integrated web cam atop the display, consumers can control video playback, volume and other functions without touching the set.

To show how — dare I say it — sexy this is, the company’s latest ad shows what happens when you put a female model wearing a camisole top and shorts that are two sizes too small in front of a Smart TV. Of course this is in front of a window where everyone can see her. Hilarity and racy themes ensue. See for yourself how Samsung smartly makes good us of it’s “Look, don’t touch” tagline. Oh and be on the lookout for a previous comedic ad star: It looks like the Old Spice guy is in the mix!

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