Infogram wants to help you make beautiful infographics


After a few months in beta, Latvian startup Infogram is now open to all — and hopes that its online toolkit for building infographics can really catch the imagination. The company foun… Oh, you know what? Why not put them straight to the test: instead of a normal story, here’s an infogram instead.

Update: An earlier version of this article said the company was based in Estonia. Which was stupid, since it’s not.



Did anyone else notice Infrogram on the first quote? How many Easter eggs in this one story.

my 2 cents

Latvia is not Estonia, this is like company from US would be referred as company from Mexico

Bobbie Johnson

Yup, my apologies! I had been writing something else about Estonia and (dumbly) crossed the wires in my brain. Not enough coffee.

(Though I think comparing Estonia + Latvia to US + Mexico is pretty harsh)

Jason Black

You fixed the country reference in the opening paragraph, but the infographic itself still reads “Estonia”. Oops. Cool concept, tho.

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