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Infogram wants to help you make beautiful infographics

After a few months in beta, Latvian startup Infogram is now open to all — and hopes that its online toolkit for building infographics can really catch the imagination. The company foun… Oh, you know what? Why not put them straight to the test: instead of a normal story, here’s an infogram instead.

Update: An earlier version of this article said the company was based in Estonia. Which was stupid, since it’s not.

7 Responses to “Infogram wants to help you make beautiful infographics”

    • Bobbie Johnson

      Yup, my apologies! I had been writing something else about Estonia and (dumbly) crossed the wires in my brain. Not enough coffee.

      (Though I think comparing Estonia + Latvia to US + Mexico is pretty harsh)

      • Jason Black

        You fixed the country reference in the opening paragraph, but the infographic itself still reads “Estonia”. Oops. Cool concept, tho.