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Conde Nast’s Sauerberg: Get busy innovating, or get busy dying

It can be a scary world out there for modern media companies, but it’s actually very simple, according to Conde Nast president Bob Sauerberg.

“If content is going to remain king, we have got to innovate,” Sauerberg said Wednesday at paidContent 2012, urging attendees to spend more time trying to come up with the next big thing rather than trying to keep older floundering business models on life support. Sauerberg’s conversation with paidContent’s Staci Kramer follows below in its entirety.

Check out the rest of our coverage of paidContent 2012. Full archived video on livestream (registration required).

3 Responses to “Conde Nast’s Sauerberg: Get busy innovating, or get busy dying”

  1. alistairjeffs

    “This video clip is not mobile compatible.” Maybe PaidContent needs to innovate on making these teasers more available than just the web?