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The first Tesla Model S electric cars will arrive in exactly a month

Customer rides of the Model S Beta

Electric car company Tesla Motors (s TSLA) says they will officially start delivering Model S cars to its first customers on June 22 — a month from today (see how they conveniently made it a nice headline). A delivery ceremony will be live streamed that day.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk also tweeted that the company has just hit a major milestone: that all crash testing of the Model S cars has been completed and the cars can now be built for sale to the public. So Tesla is on its way to hitting its first major deadline since it launched its first electric car the Roadster.

To put this launch into perspective for you readers, the Model S is everything for Tesla. The car will be the company’s long road to profitability, and also its proof that it has been slowly morphing into a mainstream auto maker. The Model S has to succeed for Tesla to succeed. The next car, the electric minivan/SUV Model X, is also based on the basic guts of the Model X.

Customer rides of the Model S Beta

7 Responses to “The first Tesla Model S electric cars will arrive in exactly a month”

  1. cryptochrome

    how hard can it be to include a link to Tesla’s website in the article? It’s always the same with GigaOm. You guys don’t understand the internet.

  2. Ron Larson

    I can’t wait to see the real world numbers for this car. The facts and figures on their web site make it look and sound like an excellent car. But I’ll let others live on the bleeding edge for me as Tesla works out the bugs.

    I wish them luck.