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Sprint bumps per GB price on hotspot plans for phones

In a bid to encourage more customers to use their mobile phone as a wireless hotspot, Sprint(s s) has revamped its mobile hotspot tethering services on smartphones. Enthusiast site Phandroid caught the change in a Sprint community forum: The carrier will no longer offer its $30 monthly plan with 5 GB of data, although current customers with that plan will be allowed to keep it. Going forward, two new plans with higher per-GB monthly charges are available.

The first plan costs less than the one it replaces, which may get some consumers to choose the service. For a $20 monthly fee, there’s a lower entry point, but a lower amount of data as well: Customers will have 2 GB of mobile broadband use to share over Wi-Fi from their phone.

Power users may need the new $50 plan, which provides 6 GB of service. That means people on the old plan who decide not to keep it will gain one gigabyte of sharable broadband but end up paying $20 more than before.

According to Sprint, it will begin to help customers monitor their mobile hotspot usage:

“Sprint now will be able to notify customers with a MHS add-on when they reach 75, 90 and 100 percent of their on-network monthly data limit. Sprint provides data usage notifications to help customers to proactively manage their MHS usage and adjust usage to avoid high overage charges. Customers must enroll to receive usage notifications. At 100 percent of their on-network monthly data allowance, customers will receive a notification with the option to suspend on-network mobile hotspot usage or continue to use it and pay the overage charges. If the customer chooses to accept overage charges, they will continue to receive notifications at 20 percent increments above the monthly data allowance.”

Good for Sprint that it’s helping users keep tabs on their limited mobile broadband as overages will add up at $0.05 per megabyte.

Still, there’s some confusion in the new plan as Sprint says when the mobile hotspot feature (MHS) is turned on “both MHS and phone data usage pull from the MHS monthly data allowance.” That means use of the unlimited data offered on the phone during hotspot usage will hit the hotspot plan cap. Mobile broadband multitaskers: You’ve been warned!

7 Responses to “Sprint bumps per GB price on hotspot plans for phones”

  1. Kevin Roberts

    I just left Sprint, fro AT&T. I had the HTC EVO 4G from 2010 and now have the HTC ONE X. My cost we okay with the 69.99 plan with a 10.00 (TAX) for having a Smartphone. I liked it due to the Hot Spot which I used daily tethered to my Desktop and the speed was 3MB-6MB pretty good from a cell phone Hot Spot. However, I know I used more that 6GB per month as I used it for Windows Updates on customers computers. It looks like after 1 week I have used 1.06GB and I’m on a 5GB per month plan with AT&T. I know I will max it out, but will end up stopping the Hot spot with AT&T because I only get 1.67 to 0.26MB Download speed …..Now, this AT&T service Brian O. is what I call SUCKS !!!

  2. I think it’s very deceptive of Sprint to advertise unlimited everything and then charge hot spot users for going over a fixed gigabyte level when we’re already paying extra for the hotspot service to begin with. On your advertising you should put a * and make it extremely clear that hotspot usage is no longer unlimited. This is seriously frustrating. Nobody wants to monitor their usage all the time. I’ll switch to the first provider offering unlimited hotspot usage like Sprint used to do. I’ll even pay a higher monthly fee if I have to. I just don’t want to think about bandwidth everything I want to do something and constantly check usage. Ugh.

  3. Matthew L. Schaus

    Shame on sprint, Allentown PA. users have been snowed for to long 4G, waiting for years, bull! Prime prices for half the services. Signal strengh has been much worst than just two years ago, they say from tower convesions from Nextel to sprint. Someone at Sprint needs to let us know whats going on with this simply everything plan. Simply to much money!

  4. “encourage more customers to use their mobile phone as a wireless hotspot”

    That line seriously makes me do a double-take – somehow I just don’t believe carriers are thinking that way. Not when tethering has always been frowned upon and unlimited data eliminated.

  5. ricdesan

    The more the service providers try to gouge the customer the more they want to flee your crap service. Lets see if we can bump Sprint down to #4!