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Why 900M isn’t the only number that matters to Facebook

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You’ve no doubt heard or read in the past few weeks that Facebook’s (s fb) hyperinflated valuation heading into its IPO has everything to do with its promise, and very little to do with its actual profits. That much is true.

But apart from the fact that it has more than 900 million users, a lot of other important numbers never get mentioned. Here are some numbers we know about Facebook’s infrastructure that also speak to its promise as a company that could generate a lot of money.

Is Facebook actually worth $100 billion? Who knows. But it’s a company with so much data and with its finger on the pulse of how web infrastructure works. Managed properly, there’s an awful lot there to work with as Facebook tries to figure out new ways to make a dollar.

5 Responses to “Why 900M isn’t the only number that matters to Facebook”

  1. Anup Gandhi

    Unless FB figures out (quickly) a way to make money from that data things are only going to get difficult for the social giant. The recent results (along with decision by companies like GM to not spend any more on FB) are probably (or may be not) are indications of the things to follow. Also with more and more people accessing FB from hand held devices it does not make it any easy for the social giant.

  2. Dave Chapin

    Spend billions, Spend billions more, figure out a business plan (or not), profit! Or not. It doesn’t matter because we are all rich by selling our stake.