Netflix to Comcast: Raising the cap is not enough


Thought Netflix (s NFLX) and Comcast (s CMCSA) would kiss and make up after the broadband provider announced today that it would raise its bandwidth cap from 250GB to 300GB per month? Think again.

Here’s the statement a Netflix spokesperson sent me via email:

“Increasing the data cap is a small step in the right direction, but unfortunately Comcast continues to treat its own Internet delivered video different under the cap than other Internet delivered video. We continue to stand by the principle that ISPs should treat all providers of video services equally.”

In other words: The key issue of how Comcast treats its own on demand traffic hasn’t been resolved. Comcast said earlier today in a statement that it adheres to FCC principles that bind it to treat all IP traffic equally, but also repeated its assertion that Xfinity simply isn’t part of the Internet – something that our own Stacey Higginbotham has called dodging the net neutrality issue. Read her excellent analysis of today’s Comcast announcement here.



Comcast agreed to not treat Internet traffic differently for specified period of time when they purchased NBC. So yes, they have a duty to “punish” themselves for the time being.


Comcast claims “Xfinity simply isn’t part of the Internet” since the traffic is being feed over their network from a server ON their network and never flows over he internet so should not be counted in the cap. The problem with this claim is that if I do 25GB of email (to/from Comcast Servers) to/from other Comcast Users (so none flows over the Internet and thus does not incur any gatewaying with the internet) and browsing of sites HOSTED ON the Comcast network I am being hit with 25GB of usage not getting the free ride that Xfinity does.

Jeff Martens

GigaOm keeps saying the cap is being increased, but everyone else is stating that the cap will be increased in certain markets where new pricing models will be tested while all other markets will have no cap.

William Diaz ✔

Comcast is only doing this not for NetFlix benefit, or their own Video over IP/XBox fiasco, they are doing it so that way they can show the FCC just a tiny shred of responsibility and olive branch after they violated so many rules in the NBC-Universal merger. They need to save some face, and this raising of the cap is just a tiny bit of it, to show “Hey, we are allowing MORE companies to use more data on our networks so that way we seem fair.” And to an extent, its true, but overall, its just another way Comcast is putting the veil over the true problem.

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