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HTC Sensation 4G gains Android 4.0, loses free tethering

As they say, you win some and you lose some. HTC Sensation owners on T-Mobile’s network fall squarely into that maxim now that their handsets are getting a software update to Android 4.0, also known as Ice Cream Sandwich. The update is scheduled to appear for download tomorrow, adding a much improved version of Google’s mobile platform and HTC Sense 3.6. Unfortunately, once updated, customers will need to pay T-Mobile $14.99 monthly to keep using the phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

PC Magazine noted this change in T-Mobile’s official release notes for the upgrade and received this statement from a T-Mobile representative:

“T-Mobile began offering a Smartphone Mobile Hotspot plan in November 2010. However, due to technical limitations with software, customers were not being charged for the feature on select T-Mobile products. Customers who choose to upgrade their HTC Sensation 4G to the optional Android 4.0 (ICS) software update will be required to sign up for the $14.99 Smartphone Mobile Hotspot plan.”

I’m sure that some HTC Sensation 4G owners will cry foul over this change, even with the software improvements coming with Android 4.0. And why not, when they may have been using the service at no extra change? In fact, it makes little sense to charge for it when T-Mobile’s data plans are already throttled after a set amount. If a customer wants to use their phone as a hotspot for their allotted mobile broadband, they’re obviously willing to deal with slower speeds if they use the feature too much.

The only good thing about the Smartphone Mobile Hotspot plan — if you’re an optimist, that is — is that the $14.99 per month boosts your monthly broadband capacity at full speeds from 2 GB to 5 GB. I think I’ll stick with my Galaxy Nexus, thank you!

14 Responses to “HTC Sensation 4G gains Android 4.0, loses free tethering”

  1. Oliver Schmid

    This really sucks. I pay already for so-called “unlimited” WiFi and now I am supposed to fork over another $15 for smartphone mobile hotspot tethering. They nickel & dime you to death. With these 15 bucks you get an upgrade from unlimited 2GB to even more unlimited 5GB. WTF – before ICS I was able to use thethering and mever even came close to 2GB. Why should I pay for more than I need. Leave me on unlimited 2GB (a contradiction in itself) and should I get over throttle me down to 2G. This is a choice I would like to make on my own. I don’t need T-Mobile to parent me on this and charge me for something I don’t use.
    I will forgo the thethering service. it was nice to have but nothing my life depends on or anything I cannot be without.
    Does anybody know of any true unlimited dataplan with any carrier? I guess it is time to switch after n10 years T-Mobile.

  2. ezebuiro michael

    I’m using htc sensation 4g in Nigeria with other network provider(T..Mobile).will I still forfeit my hotspot privilege if I update my os to ICS?

  3. i update and i lose my hotspot i cant conect my computer to my cel so it succcc i call t mobile and disconect my internet i pay 25.00 i dont have to pay it more. “DONT UPDATE SO YOU LOSE YOUR HOTSPOT”

  4. janine

    I’m on a grandfathered plan that gives ne 5Gig already….so now I’ll just have to pay the extra $15…just because…lovely!

  5. anand

    im using my htc sensation 4g in India with (provider is not T-mobile) and i have upgraded to ics today, whether i will loss any of the features? please help, thanks in advance

    • Quilvio

      No You dont loss wifi, they onlu thing it that if you want to use network sharing you would need to pay an extra $15 a month but you have pay as you go, so you have nothing to worry about, upgrade your phone, i already did, it rocks!

  6. Doug Marbo

    So if I just want ICS and don’t wifi tether, will I still have to pay an extra $15 a month to get this update? That’s what their statement appears to say.