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Facebook brings bigger pics and posts to mobiles

Facebook users on Android(s goog), iOS(s aapl) and mobile browsers aren’t stuck with postage-sized pictures and posts any more. Facebook announced on Monday that it now supports full-sized pictures on all three platforms as well as posts that will automatically scale from edge-to-edge of a handheld device. The rollout of these changes is now in progress, so some users may not yet see the updates for a bit.

A quick look at some examples from Facebook show the larger pics — up to 3x in size — and posts make much better use of a smartphone’s display, making the experience more like that on a full-sized computer:

This new feature won’t require Android or iOS users to update their apps as Facebook is pushing the updates on the server side. This is definitely one of the advantages of using HTML5, CSS and JavaScript so heavily in Facebook’s mobile efforts; not only does it provide a similar look and feel across a wide range of devices, but some new features can be implemented without needing several hundred million Facebook users to update their apps. I noticed that the Facebook app on my Galaxy Nexus already has the new feature updates and it definitely provides a more immersive viewing experience that requires fewer taps.