7 stories to read this weekend


It is going to be a beautiful weekend in San Francisco and I plan to spend most of it outdoors. And during that time, I don’t plan to bother with working. And you shouldn’t either. However, you should read these seven pieces whenever you get the urge to read something.


Mittal Patel

Good food for the weekend. Liked the “You need to be mobile first” article much as I was looking for some statistics regarding internet usage on mobile.

Joe Blow

>”You need to be mobile first. If you need some convincing, then check out this post.”

It appears that site (liesdamnedliesstatistics.com) is infected with malware that exploits Adobe Acrobat/Reader vulnerabilities.

Om Malik

I am not sure I saw/felt anything via my Rss reader and iPad browser. Do you want to inform the writer about that?

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