OMG, is Amazon going to kill tech blogs too?


Is Amazon (s AMZN) seriously launching a tech blog that aims to compete with gadget blogs like the Verge and Gizmodo? According to a new report from “The Daily,” yes. The funny thing is that Amazon already has a gadget blog called End User (although it hasn’t been updated in almost exactly a year), as well as seven other blogs on topics like food and music.

The Daily cites unidentified “multiple sources in the Seattle area” who say Amazon plans to launch three blogs: one “designed to compete in the tech news space with websites like Gizmodo and The Verge” that would be “populated with unbiased reviews that would link back to Amazon’s retail site,” one on “film, comics, TV and other geek-related activities” and one on “the emerging market of mobile phone photography apps.”

Amazon, which did not respond to my request for comment for this story, already has eight under-the-radar blogs: Books blog Omnivoracious, Kindle blog Daily Kindle Post, culinary blog Al Dente, cars blog Car Lust, movies blog Armchair Commentary, music blog ChordStrike and the aforementioned End User. Most of those appear to be updated somewhat regularly, but End User and ChordStrike haven’t published new posts since last year. The most recent post on End User was “Google debuts Chromebooks from Samsung and Acer,” on May 11, 2011.

So it’s not that unlikely that Amazon would launch its own tech blog: It’s done so before. It is fun to imagine Amazon publishing a “serious” tech blog, though — posting “unbiased” reviews of the Kindle and complaining about its own refusal to release sales figures. It’s also funny to imagine the tech blog world complaining, as the book publishing world has, that Amazon is competing with it and stealing away some of its brightest bloggers. Just think of the headlines: “Hey, Amazon: Traditional tech blogs aren’t dead.”

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you really thought the companies care about bloggers? for them, as it should be bloggers are just media. Just like the print, the tv or …adsense. If you can gain the same influence and much greater control why would you bother paying someone else for the job you can do better, faster and reach the same audience?


{irony}The blog-o-sphere clearly doesn’t have space for another tech blog!{/irony}

Lou Mazzucchelli

…”traditional tech blog”.
Any other over 20-year-olds find this amusing?


I think there is no matter for current tech blogs such as the Verge, Gizmodo or Engadget. BTW, readers also get benefit from that!


Any reason you didn’t include Engadget in your list of blogs? It’s still the top gadget blog by quite a distance.


I don’t understand the “kill” part of this. Would an Amazon blog so deprive other blogs that have been operating for years of traffic to the point where they would have to shut down?

Laura Hazard Owen

Headline is a riff on the numerous tech blog headlines where Amazon is going to “kill” this or that (usually traditional publishers)


I don’t understand the “kill” part of this. Is it really possible that an Amazon blog would so deprive other blogs that have been operating for years of traffic that they would have to shut down?


The thing is, they do anything with unbiased reviews and they may have something. I buy lots of products based on astute people like myself commenting in depth on products they buy off the site. This sort of transition is the future of effective retail anyway and takes the Woot/Deal News/Tech Bargains to the next logical level.


I think it may herald a natural progression for them to a hybrid blog space that paves the way to a dynamic retail social creation. I have been trying to do it with collector auctions and social to offer a ton of value over plain Jane Ebay.

Whether they do it on purpose or it happens accidentally this sort of value added approach is what will I believe will get traction. Thanks for the comment Laura, I really liked the piece!

Pete Wood (acedanger) is a great tech blog. It’s one that I actually type into my address bar, besides (which isn’t a tech blog per se, but more of an aggregator).

Steve Siverling

Personally, I think amazon should start hosting blogs. They could then have a service that turns these blogs into books. I’ve seen this technology other companies use it. Then they would have more books for their site.

nik cubrilovic

and the blogs are not ‘under-the-radar’ by design

Laura Hazard Owen

hey Nik, can you elaborate? They are hard to find…I sort of backed into them by going straight to Omnivoracious, which I knew Amazon already had.


Content meeting commerce. The future of journalism is being solved faster than I’d like.

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