Want to disinherit the kids? There’s an app for that


Credit: Andrey N Bannov

An outfit in Nevada is touting a new smartphone tool that lets you itemize your possessions and decide who will receive what.

According to App-Order.com, “estate planning can be a long, difficult, and overwhelming process.” Its app, however, means you can now take pictures of an item, record its value and assign a recipient.

The company says it created the estate app from an existing tool called “Save Your Booty” that helps clients like comic collectors or jewelers catalogue their possessions.

Trev Gore of App-Order says the tool also has a social component, meaning the writer of a will could let others know in real time what belongs to who. We can only imagine the sibling rivalries that will break out when a teenager finds out on her phone that Dad’s prized Porsche is going to her little sister instead.

The tool is now available only for Android phones but the company says an iOS version is coming soon.

(Photo by Andrey N Bannov)

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