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Google Maps for Android gains floor plans and Google Offers

Android handset owners have a Google Maps software update ready and waiting for them. Google announced the new release on Wednesday, which adds a few tricks for the brick-and-mortar shoppers out there. Maps now includes indoor walking directions for stores, malls and such, plus users can find nearby Google Offers. Even before you step foot into a shop or restaurant, you can now see the inside thanks to 360-degree panoramic views as well.

I’m not sure we should be surprised by the indoor walking maps, although they’re sure to be welcome in malls and large stores. If I recall correctly, when Google showed off its Project Glass demonstration, the simulation showed indoor maps to find a particular area in a store. At least we won’t need to wear the “Google Glasses” to get that functionality now.

Note that these features are limited by geography. Google Offers for Maps is U.S.-only, while the indoor walking directions — a beta — will work in the U.S. and Japan. Here’s a brief look at the Google Offers functionality within Maps; an approach I like better than checking in on Foursquare to get a deal or discount.

3 Responses to “Google Maps for Android gains floor plans and Google Offers”

  1. Interesting that Google is now following behind Bing, who has been using this technology for the last year or so. I’ve been using Bing for both local floor plans for malls & conference centers, as well as Bing Deals.

  2. Pablo

    One day all SEO and developers, turn back to Google, because of stealing bussinses solutions by Google – they are using their position. Luckyly we have smth like brand’s capacity, what in case of google means, they will not own anything, just because of this mysterious rule….