3 Responses to “Seamless Wi-Fi on your smartphone could quickly become reality”

  1. CaptBlack

    Why carriers? I think this would be a perfect additional feature for Apple, charged to my iTunes account. This seems simpler – I don’t see the value the carrier brings?

  2. Alan Wolk

    “Essentially Passpoint and Hotspot 2.0 will make it easy to log in to carrier-owned and-managed access points, and right now there aren’t a heck of a lot of them.”

    With that one sentence you basically pull the rug out from under the whole premise of your article: we’re not getting seamless WiFi anytime soon because the infrastructure to supply anything remotely resembling “seamless” WiFi hasn’t been built yet.

  3. Its not as simple as updating a vast majority of the wifi devices out there today. HS2.0 requires 802.11u capability and this is not something that can be enabled via a SW update. It will only come with newer wifi chipsets. Hence passpoint will be available mostly in new devices. The same also applies to access points. So wifi network operators may need to update their HW in order to enable passpoint.