Structure 2012: What’s next in cloud computing?


GigaOM’s fifth annual Structure conference examines how cloud computing is changing the way business is done around the world. Here’s a glimpse at some of the questions we will answer and topics we will cover:

  • Does the cloud need new chip architectures or just a new fabric?
  • There are no international border controls for the business of cloud computing. Hear German, British and Chinese market perspectives on the cloud market.
  • Will VMware dominate the cloud market? Hear its CTO’s thoughts on the real impact of big data when it meets cloud computing.
  • Simon Crosby ignited a revolution in infrastructure. Will he do it again with the cloud? Join us to hear about his new market catalyst.
  • What’s next for Microsoft? Will it dominate the PaaS space like it did the desktop, or does it have something else up its sleeve?
  • Spin up 1,000 new servers per week? Manage global latency? Shift a petabyte per day? All in a hybrid cloud architecture? The CIO of Zynga tells us how she makes it all work.

Join the leaders who are innovating, shaping and defining the cloud computing industry. Check out our full schedule here.

New speakers are being added weekly, and you can see the full list here.

Register by May 19 and save $200!

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