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Now you can turn airline miles into e-books

A new deal between independent e-bookstore Diesel eBooks and rewards points company Koinz Media lets people redeem their bank and hotel rewards points and airline miles for e-books. But Kindle e-reader owners won’t benefit.

Koinz already works with the rewards portals for airlines, hotels and banks to allow users to redeem rewards points for digital goods and services like Netflix (s NFLX), Skype (s EBAY) and Fandango. Diesel told me a catalog of only 200 titles will be available (the press release had said 500,000), out of Diesel’s larger catalog of around 3 million titles.

“We invested in a new platform a year ago with the idea that these types of channels were going to be key markets in the future and it’s great to see this playing out,” Diesel said in a press release.

Diesel, which launched in 2004, aims to be an open e-book platform that allows readers to read their e-books on any device, usually through the Diesel Reader apps. The store has struggled to gain market share against larger players like Amazon, Barnes & Noble (s BKS) and Apple. This deal could help, but Diesel’s titles can’t be read on e-ink Kindles (s AMZN), only through a sideloaded app on the Kindle Fire. Since Kindle is by far the most popular e-reading platform, that limits the number of users who will actually be able to redeem points for e-books.