Today in Connected Consumer

For all the attention going to HTML 5 and browser-based apps, native apps are still the most popular way to access mobile media content, according to comScore. The The analytics firm rolled out a new mobile measurement product today called Mobile Metrix 2.0, along with the first set of data on consumer usage. Overall, more than 80 percent of the time spent consuming mobile media was spent using an app, rather than a browser. With Google sites, for instance, which include YouTube, 81.1 percent of time was spent using an app, while only 18.9 percent of the time engaging with the site was spent using a browser. There were some notable anomalies, however. More than half the time consumers spent engaging with ESPN on a mobile device was done using a browser. For AOL and The Weather Channel, just under half the time spent engaged with the site was spent using a browser. Without at least a few more months of data it’s probably not worth trying to read too much into those figures. But it’s certainly worth keeping an eye on.