DocTrackr lets you control your documents — wherever they are


Nearly everyone talks about putting more of their documents in the cloud. But not everyone feels secure doing it. That’s the target audience for DocTrackr’s new service, which lets users retain control of Word,  Excel, PDF or other documents even when they’ve been emailed to others or put into cloud storage.

“You can even destroy your digital documents,” DocTrackr CEO  Clement Cazalot  said Thursday at TechStars Boston Demo Day.  Cazalot, who leapt onstage as the theme from Mission Impossible played, said the company logged $150,000 in revenue last year (“more than Instagram.”) from clients including Bouygues, the giant French contractor  and SCNF, the company behind France’s high-speed railway. More than 80,000 customers are using the beta.

He calls DocTrackr, which works without any local software installed, “remote document management as a service.” The user can add readers to a given document to enable access, then see who has viewed it, what they did with it and how long they spent on it. Permissions to remote documents can also be revoked. At that point, if a recipient tries to view the document again, he will get a message that “the document you are attempting to access has been terminated.”

A salesman, for example, can send out a proposal and then see that 5 people opened it and viewed it 30 times, and spent 10 minutes on it.

DocTrackr is raising $1.1 million, half of which is already committed.The idea is not new. Indorse, a New York-based company, and Adobe(s adbe)  offer some of the these capabilities.   But DocTrackr has lined up some impressive customers — and partners. Box, which claims 10 million users of its business-focused cloud storage, named DocTrackr one of  its OneCloud partners for example. With Google Drive and raft of companies claiming to be “the Dropbox of the Enterprise” touting their stuff, the lure of cloud storage will only continue — and the demand for tools like DocTrackr will grow.



How on earth are you going to “destroy” an Excel spreadsheet sent in an email?


We don’t have any specific deal w/ Dropster and Egnyte that we can disclose so far, but we have some new integrations in the roadmap that we will announce in a close future. Happy to speak about that with you!


Thanks for this awesome article :) if someone has any questions about docTrackr, contact me: clement docTrackr com

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