5 Apple stories to read today


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With so many people writing about Apple(s AAPL), finding the best stories and reports isn’t easy. Here’s our daily pick of stories about the company from around the web that you shouldn’t miss:

  • Talking Points Memo details how Apple finally came clean on its use of Open Street Map’s open-source mapping data in the new version of iPhoto for iOS.
  • A shape-shifting iPhone in the works? Patently Apple breaks down Apple’s latest patent filing for “a tiered haptics” feedback system for a future smartphone “in which one or more arrays of shape change elements may provide tactile interaction via an elastic screen interface.” Not a given Apple will go this direction, but worth a read to get a feel for what kind of wild ideas they’re brewing up down in Cupertino.
  • Chip geek alert: Apple dropped the price of the iPad 2, but also made a small change in some models — a more efficient system on a chip from Samsung, the 32nm HK+ MG A5 SoC. AnandTech clearly explains the complexity behind Apple’s new chip, why Apple is testing it out in small batches, and what it means for those who manage to get their hands on one.
  • Asymco looks at two of the world’s most successful retailers — Apple and IKEA — and tries to figure out why despite their efficiency and profits, no one has successfully copied either of their retail models.
  • With 600,000 apps in the App Store, it’s hard to stand out. Ars Technica reports some data that indicates only 60 percent of iOS developers make enough money selling iOS apps to break even on their development costs.

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