Amazon wants to remove middlemen from streaming TV, too

Amazon doesn’t like middlemen. Through Amazon Publishing, the company signs authors up directly to write books. Now the company is searching for other types of content creators. Amazon Studios is inviting developers to submit proposals for original kids’ and comedy shows. Some will be distributed through Amazon Instant Video.

Amazon will “option one promising new project and add it to the development slate where it will be tested for viability with an audience” each month, the company says in a release. If a show is optioned, the creator gets $10,000. If Amazon decides to develop the show as a series, “the creator will receive a $55,000 payment, up to 5 percent of Amazon’s net receipts from toy and t-shirt licensing, and other royalties and bonuses.”

Projects can be submitted here. Proposals require a five-page description and a 22-minute pilot script for comedies or 11-minute pilot script for kids’ shows. “Within 45 days of submission, Amazon Studios will either extend an option on the project for $10,000 or invite the creator to add the project to the Amazon Studios site. If a project is not optioned, creators may remove their idea from the Amazon Studios site or leave it to get community feedback.”