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Google opens up its BigQuery data analytics service to all

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Ju-kay Kwek, Product Manager, Google Cloud Product Team at Structure:Data 2012
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Google(s goog) sits on masses of traffic and advertising data, and has decided that it should take advantage of its expertise in building the infrastructure to handle those petabytes of information to offer a data analytics service in its cloud. Google’s BigQuery product, which debuted at our Structure Data conference in March, lets companies upload their information to Google and then perform business analytics in the cloud.

On Tuesday, the service launches to the general public providing up to 2 terabytes for storage at 12 cents for gigabyte and processing on up to 1000 queries per day or 20 terabytes of data at 3.5 cents per gigabyte. This is a boon for companies that might have large analytics needs, but doesn’t have a desire to invest in a data center or specialized equipment to process those queries.

The Google site and blog post detailing the service has more information, but the gist is, companies upload their data to Google (or maybe it’s already there) and then they have the ability to run MySQL-based queries against many terabytes of data. Customers can also combine data across different databases using JOIN queries. Companies can use it in-house for their own analytics, or they can build services on top of the product as French company, We Are Cloud, has done.

The trend of hosted data in a cloud environment is growing in popularity with companies like 1010data as has the lure of making ad hoc, unplanned queries across a huge set of information. Check out Facebook’s tool to perform such queries on its own infrastructure. For more, check out my chat with Ju-Kay Kwek, product manager at Google discussing BigQuery and how to keep data analytics products in the cloud from becoming a way to lock businesses into a single provider:

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5 Responses to “Google opens up its BigQuery data analytics service to all”

  1. Just Visiting

    Big, big. big big big, BIG big BIG big…. smoke being blown at us

    It seems all you need is a juxtapose and you can ride the hype wave too.

    I thought all this was vetted in the ’80s as being along with hierarchical and networked databases. A litany of them failed for obvious reasons, the results were poor and the technology makes the data cost effectively unmanageable.

    Dealing with “big” anything is an issue for the infrastructure providers, not the consumers. Its the providers problem, for some reason the media presents it as the consumer’s.

    We as consumers need to return to the basics, DWIM which originated in the mid 60s as a concept and a command. With the liberal access to information we need it more than ever.

  2. This is poorly written. What is written as “.12 cents for gigabyte” should be “12 cents per gigabyte”. The difference between .12 cents and 12 cents is two orders of magnitude.

  3. “Check out Facebook’s tool to perform such queries on its own infrastructure” – is there a link or video for getting to more about this tool