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My GigaOM Pro colleague Paul Sweeting has been writing about disruptions in the TV programming and distribution space, and how online video providers are pitching their wares to advertisers by stealing a few old-media tactics. Turnabout is fair play. Simulmedia raised $6 million more from existing investors to apply Internet-like targeting to traditional television ads. Despite the fact that interactive- and targeted-TV ads have had rocky starts, Simulmedia is worth keeping an eye on. Founder Dave Morgan has had Internet ad tech/ad network success (Tacoda, 24/7) and he’s hired plenty of data scientists to analyze information gleaned from settop boxes. AllThingsD says Simulmedia has pivoted, but it really hasn’t. Before selling its ad targeting technologies to brand advertisers, it experimented with lower hanging fruit – TV promotion ads sold to programmers – to prove its concepts and build a base. Sounds like it’s arming up to go bigger.