The cloud’s next seismic shift — Structure 2012


The cloud is changing the way your personal and business information is stored, shared, created and protected. A major market shift has occurred: Cloud computing has revolutionized the way IT is organized and delivered and has become a driving force in the industry.

GigaOM’s Structure conference examines how the cloud will affect the way you work and do business around the world.  Here’s a glimpse at what we will cover:

  • Werner Vogels ignited the public cloud revolution. Period. How will he disrupt the global IT market next?
  • Both customer and vendor at the same time, how does the giant T-Systems really see the cloud market unfolding?
  • Capgemini CTO Joe Coyle tells us what his customers are REALLY trying to do with the cloud.
  • How does the MIT-trained leader of China’s biggest cloud project see the world?
  • Sure, software-defined networking is cool. But is anyone using it practically?
  • Find out what’s brewing with Verizon and its global cloud plans.
  • Standardizing the cloud APIs will revolutionize the market. Will the winner be proprietary or open?
  • When will we see webscale giants like Facebook emerge on the public cloud?
  • Examine the realities of scaling to webscale without buying a data center.

New speakers are being added weekly, and you can see the full list here and check out our complete schedule.

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